Should We Take The Flu Vaccine Or Not?

In some countries governments are offering people the influenza vaccination until the corona virus vaccination comes to the market.
But what is the recommendation according to Islamic medicine?

?Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s):
The purpose of Zukam (flu and cold) is to remove pain from your body.

In other Ahadith we are told that the Flu is a troop from God’s troops and there is no one who is safe from leprosy (or Genetic diseases in general), Zukam removes this danger and protects the body.

The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) said:
“Do not feel bad from 4 things:
1- From Zukam which is a protection from leprosy…”

So getting the flu and cold once or twice a year is not a bad thing but actually something beneficial to protect the body from illnesses that come with seasonal changes.
We are told to avoid doing treatments for the first 3 days of this illness so that our immune system can use its own fully capable intelligence to detoxify and restore the body.
Any treatments after 3 days are there to aid the detoxification process. Examples of beneficial treatments are: Hijamah, a special sneezing powder and other herbs that help to detoxify the organs. These all work in harmony with the body to strengthen it without causing any harm. In contrast, conventional medicine recommends the use of medicines that suppress symptoms and and allow toxins to remain in the body. Naturally toxins remaining in the body will cause future diseases.

When considering whether to take vaccinations for coronavirus with unknown ingredients and possible underlying agendas (such as reducing the world’s population) it seems wiser to act on precaution and rely on all that nature has provided in order to overcome the issue.

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