Coronavirus & Locdown Survival Tips

? Coronavirus & Lockdown Survival Tips ?

? Comprehensive Advice To Get You Through This Challenging Yet Self Building Period ?

✅ Drink a mixture of water+honey with 1 Jamé pill. It should dissolve gradually and not be chewed.
Dosage: once a week for children and twice a week for adults. (جامع رضوی)
(Regarding the Jame pill, ?Imam Jawad (a.s.) asked his companion why they do not keep it in their houses since it is famous among the followers of Ahlulbayt a.s.)

✅ Consume Imam Kazim a.s.’s winter immune system medicine (داروی امام کاظم ). Dosage: half a teaspoon once a week or once in 10 days. Hold in the mouth for 20 minutes before swallowing then do not eat anything for 2 hours after taking.

✅ Grind 1 unit of black seed then immediately mix it with 3 units of honey.
Dosage: Adults, one teaspoon every night. If already sick or over 60, you can have one teaspoon every 12 hrs.
Children, half a teaspoon every night. If already sick, half teaspoon every 12 hrs.

✅ Avoid cold-natured foods such as yogurt, tomatoes, chicken, fish, citrus, etc. ( for further details on this).

✅ Have some jaggery sugar at night.

✅ Eat some raw local onion on an empty stomach and nothing for 5 minutes after from time to time. Also incorporate them into your diet as local onions build resistance to the pathogens in your environment.

✅ Keep immune system strong.

✅ Recite ziarate ashura and dua 7 of sahifa sajjadiya everyday.

✅ Increase recitation of Quran and try to understand it more as this is more important than ever right now.

✅ Invoke the Imam of our time atf using dua faraj and other means.

✅ Realise that the months of Rajab, Sha’ban & Ramadhan are the best months that we could have been confined in so view this as an excellent opportunity and make the most of it! You can spend this time perfecting your salah (as it is the foundation for everything), engaging in supplications, self reflection as well as planning your spiritual and worldly goals before it is time to return to the daily grind.

✅ Take out sadaqah regularly

✅ Try to be in wudhoo as much as possible.

✅ Burn ispandh morning and night.

✅ 2 drops banafsheh oil or extra virgin olive oil into each nostril at night before sleeping.

✅ Ensure to get proper sleep, away from devices, gadgets and wifi, especially between the most important hours of 10/11pm-3am as this is vital for building, restoring and maintaining the immune system.

✅ Try to get fresh air and go out in the sun whenever possible.

✅ Do some exercise.

✅ Follow a correct healthy diet. Read other articles on the website to learn more about this.

✅ Maintain a positive mental attitude (PMA) and try not to succumb to any unnecessary fearmongering as this suppresses the immune system.

✅ Be sure to do things you enjoy and find relaxing during this stressful period in order to increase happy chemicals such as endorphins because this has a positive effect on the immune system.

✅ Try to become more self-sufficient in terms of growing or producing your own food. This can be foods such as fruits & vegetables, eggs, honey etc.

✅ Keep to a routine, wake and sleep at set times everyday and plan your days.

✅ Make the most of this (perhaps once in a lifetime) opportunity to spend unpressurized quality time with loved ones and catch up on things you don’t normally get round to doing such as reading, DIY, painting / other creative tasks, gardening, planning / organising your life etc.

? The remedies mentioned above have no side effects and they are particularly beneficial for people living in cities and towns who are more vulnerable.

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